Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Party Time - More Details

Yes, I know I’m weird/backwards/random/etc. It happens and quite frankly I like my life just like this. :) I just like to say that “I don’t play by the rules”. I’ve received some questions about the PAR-TAY and I just wanted to post them with answers (just in case anyone is ACTUALLY reading this – Oh boy I may be wasting my time but I like to think positive - - I’m sure you are stalking me like crazy!).

Anywho, about those questions…

1) What do we wear? Um, clothes preferably. It’s casual. It’s going to be warm. It’s outside. There will be a bounce house, booze and balls (sports balls you pervs). You make the decision on what to wear. I can tell you that I will be in a dress (shorts underneath cause I am soooo not a girly girl) and TJ will be in cargo shorts, sandals and a top. Come comfortable and please please please don’t get all fancy schmancy and show us up. ;)

2) Do we bring gifts? Where are you registered? Yadda yadda! TJ and I have lived together since 2004. We have pretty much everything and all the things we registered for is just an upgrade to what we have. We would much rather you show up and have a good time than stress on a gift. So, if you are determined to arrive with a gift we did register at Target and Macy*s. It’s not necessary, really, but if you want to anything will make us happy.

3) Here are some randoms that don’t require their own number:
• Can we bring the kids? YES! Please do.
• What time is it over? Whenever the party stops. We will be there at least until 8 or 9 (including clean up, etc.)
• Can we come late? Yes, you sure can. The food might be cold but the drinks will be cold too! ;)
• Do we bring anything? Yourself and an appetite. We have about 600 drinks(alcoholic and non-alcoholic), enough food to feed all, a candy bar(think Sweet Factory) and bundles of cookies.

4) Statements:
• Food will be there around 3:30-4pm.
• This is super informal. We are just getting everyone together to have a good time. No cake cutting, garter tossing, first dance, etc. Music will be playing if you want to get down and boogy though.
• The bounce house will be there from start till 8ish. You are in charge of your kids and if my niece tells them it’s her bounce house…I apologize…she is bossy (definitely not her mother or aunts trait).
• If you have any outdoor sports or games you like to play bring them. There is plenty of room to get out and play. Seriously, it’s just a day to have fun. You’re not raining on my parade.

I think that’s about it. Anything else feel free to ask. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Time flies...

Sure is an understatement.

I can’t believe that:
-We are two months shy of eight years together
-We have lived in the Bay Area for two years
-We are three months away from our one year wedding anniversary
-We are only five days away from our party

It’s just so crazy. I remember back in grade school we all dreaded the school year as if it lasted and eternity. We slowly crossed off the days, then the weeks and eventually the months until summer break arrived and it was a repetitive motion each and every year. Twelve years of worshiping those two little summer months. The two months that we didn’t have homework or a bedtime (FTW). Once you enter adulthood, or should I say an 8 to 5, that all goes away. If you are so lucky to build vacation time (and have additional money to take a vacation) you get two weeks, maybe…like I said “If you are so lucky”. Who in the hell came up with the idea to chisel our worshiped two months down to two weeks? I would like to say, in the words of Trump; “You are FIRED”.

Where was I? Oh yes, time is ever so fast and I’m losing track of the days (thank you adulthood)!

Two-Thousand-Ten (or Twenty-Ten as TJ would say) seems exceptionally fast to me and I’m not sure why I feel as if somebody hit the fast forward button. Am I alone here??

The party is only FIVE days away and we are incredibly excited to you all!

Friday, June 25, 2010

In sickness and in health...

I just consumed an entire venti-sized travel mug full of COFFEE and thought, “What the hell, I should update the blogity-blog-blog. And I should do it…right NOW”. Oh boy do I feel sorry for those of you who actually read this thing.
***If you are looking for Luau Info...scroll to the blog post before this one***

For some reason the thing on my mind right now is, “in sickness and in health”. Who would have known within the first 6 months of marriage that we would both end up in our very first surgeries? I mean really. I’ll explain each for those of you who aren’t in contact with us often.
On March 4th(a day I will never forget), I received a call from TJ at an odd time (us Law Enforcement wives usually know something’s up when the phone rings out of the norm). It was him, in a very calm and normal voice stating, “Don’t freak out; I was hit by a motorcycle and I think my leg is broke. Go to the hospital and I’ll be there soon”. I was at the grocery store and rather than being the bad grocery shopper I despise I took a few minutes and put all my items back where they belonged, returned my cart as I walked to my car. As I opened the door of my car I can’t help but think about the what-if’s, how’s, whys, etc. Rather than “freaking out” (which TJ told me not to do and I do listen) I called up a dear friend and fellow law enforcement wife and told her it was her duty to talk me to the hospital. She gladly kept me on track as I drove myself to the hospital. I only had a slight breakdown but she got me there (Thanks Chels!). TJ arrived in the ER and long story short the outcome was a torn rotator cuff and a dislocated ankle. Boy was he lucky to be sparred of everything worse that very well could have happened. I am super thankful for that and most importantly thankful for the abundance of support we received from loved ones and those who didn’t even know us. TJ’s shoulder had to be fixed via surgery and they put him all back together into TJ 2.0 (that is what we call this newer repaired model). So thankful for the great specialists who have been there with getting him back out on the road (love my road-dog) as quickly and perfect as can be.

As for me, (MEN BEWARE, if you’re not interested in womanly issues skip ahead. I won’t be gruesome but you’ve been warned) I have had very painful cycles since I started them in 7th grade (okay, have to do this…in 1998). I’ve always packed a bottle of Aleeve or Tylenol with me wherever I go and I lived off of it during that wonderful week. As I got older the pain increased, spreading from my pelvis into my lower back, thighs, hips and sides. Not only did the intensity grow, the length of time the pain stayed grew to the point where it has consumed my entire month (yes that’s right…NO BREAKS…okay maybe one or two days without pain). I’ve known something has been wrong but I have avoided the Dr as much as I can. Well, I finally couldn’t deal with it and kept allowing myself to get to the point where “If it hurts much worse or longer I’m going to the ER”. TJ basically told me I had to get my butt into the Dr or my threats of the ER were going to be held accountable. I made the call and once I sat down with the OB and explained my issues he said, “It sounds like endometriosis to me” (Which is pretty much what I expected him to say). Since “endo” can only be diagnosed by surgery I scheduled a date and went under the knife. It was laparoscopic so I have an incision in my belly button and one lower and to the left. He did find and coagulate the present endo and I will find out more next week. The disease has NO cure so it’s all trial and error to give me some pain relief. So far the pain is still very present but I’m HOPEFUL that the next step, whatever it may be, helps me some. I’m so sick of living on pain meds and my ultimate goal is to not have to carry that bottle with me.

Soooooo, there you have it…”in sickness and in health”. We have definitely learned this and have stood by it. I took care of TJ and he is taking care of me. It’s great to have my best friend by my side throughout this.
Speaking of best friends; my best friend from childhood, Cerissa is expecting her first little baby. I am very blessed and honored that she has asked me to be his Godmother. Little Wyatt Colten Bell will be a great addition to my ‘kids I love to spoil’ and I’ve already taken strides to spoil the heck out of him. Congratulations Cerissa and Patrick. I can’t wait for him to be here.
Okay the caffeine is wearing off and I need to refill. :]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Invites Are Sent

I figured since I sent out invites TODAY that I should probably head this way and write a little blurb...and I will do my very best to update it at least once a week until the party. If I don't I give you full access to write me nasty notes and *poke* me all you want on Facebook; that is...UNTIL I post [long story short: I'm using you all for encouragement.].

We decided to "Go Green" [because that's cool right?] and not include those little RSVP cards that I know usually are forgotten about [I can't be the only one who does this.]. Instead of killing a couple trees and wasting a couple Benjamin's we are asking that you RSVP the good ol' fashioned way and call [okay you can text] or e-mail. I included contact info on that handy little card that I hope you slid into your wallet for a constant reminder that "YAY, it's time to party!". If you lost this, please let me know and I will send you 5 extras[A half a tree lost it's life and I over ordered by 100ish. Don't hate it was a good deal, promise.]. I will not post contact info on here because that would be silly...if you really lost it and don't know how to get a hold of me, leave a comment here and a surplus of cards will arrive.

NOTE: If you can't come at the time listed, NO WORRIES! This is informal and we would love a hello if it's the most you can do. There will be food, booze and a bounce house [Yes, I know that will encourage the majority of you to show. I am a great con-artist.]

Lastly, after much debate and against our will we registered for gifts. Our parents and other family members told us that it HAD to be done. Okay, we did it. We haven't added too much and I promise we will work on this more these next two weeks. It's really hard to ask for gifts when all we want is a bunch of smiling faces to show and have a great time.

Here are the links[but you can also find it in-store and remember your presence is better than any gift]:

Macy*s - Click Here

     Target - Click Here

Alright, I'm going to sign off for the night. I just wanted to post before some of you get these invites tomorrow[today!].


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry for Being a Bad Blogger

I am so very sorry for not updating since November. So, to make up for it I am going to post our wedding pictures. Some you may have seen and some that you have not seen. :]